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You are close to graduation, but

Have not yet started your job search, and your fellow classmates have started getting 6 digits job offers.

You submitted hundreds of resumes and job applications, but

Have not received any serious response, and the only company that is interested in you is only looking for contractors.

You just received your Ph.D. degree in Biology, but you

Have no idea what to do with it, should you pursue a different career? Which programming language should you learn?


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ins and outs of a job interview

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Your dream job,
just a mentor away

Learn directly from industry professionals who have aced some of the most challenging job interviews, multiple times.

Gain their insights and use their secret sauce to sharpen your interview skills, like using a cheat code.

Getting ready for a job interview with a mentor behind your back, all the way through your job search.


How does the 1 to 1 meeting work?

Great question, we use Zoom Video for our meeting, feel free to show your video and face 😃. You can ask me general questions such as career advice, pros and cons of choosing career tracks, how to get started building a company or raise funding, anythings that are non-confidential. The purpose of our meetings is to help you grow your career, but NOT to gather confidential information.


How do I book a mentoring session?

You can read more about a mentor's background on the Profile tab, and if you believe their past experience is a good fit and can help you, Click on the 1:1 Meetings tab and select a time. You will be charged on paid sessions.


Do you have money back policy? What if I am not happy with your session?

No problem, if you are not 100% satisfied with a mentoring session, simply content us within 2 days after the session, and we will refund you, no questions asked.


What if I need to cancel our scheduled meeting?

Definitely Yes, understand things might change, as long as you make a cancellation request at least 24 hours before our scheduled meeting, you will get a full refund.

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Your dream job, just a mentor away.

The best way to accomplish something is to hire someone who has done it.

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Our goal is to help passionate people who have figured out a path to success, and aspire to help others to avoid the same mistakes they've made, earn extra income with their actual experience and skills, by sharing what they know and without quitting their jobs!