Instamentor: our mission and our story

If you haven't heard of instamentor, it emerged from a need that I have constantly seen from everywhere I worked in companies such as Apple, Amazon, or Chegg.

Senior employees mentored young professionals to become 10x more productive, politically savvy and sharing resources and techniques that would've taken forever to figure out themselves.

With knowledge and resources that they didn't learn from a formal college education, but super crucial to advancing their careers.

There is an old saying, A single conversation across the table with a wise man worth more than reading a hundred books by yourself.

And our goals are straightforward:

Fresh college graduates or young professionals who started their job searches but struggled to find the right resources or hit the productivity limit due to the skills gap.

Between what they've learned from college and what are expected from a job interview, or the lack of mentorship and guidance to prepare a job interview.

For passionate people who have figured out a path to success and aspire to help others earn extra income with their experience and skills by sharing what they know without quitting their jobs!

Each mentor only takes a small size of students so that everyone will get their absolute full attention, whether during a one-time 1:1 mock interview or through a long-term mentorship program.

Regarding cost, just to put it upfront, all of our services are paid service, as our mentors have invested many hours preparing their mock interviews materials, fine-tuning the coding questions, and iterating on the problem sets.

We also want to make sure we are focusing on those taking our services seriously.

You will stay laser-focused on practicing and learning techniques that have been proven and battle-tested in acing FAANG interviews.

Beyond the training and learning, we also want to help young professionals reach a flow state — where you have all the resources, community, and mentorship you need to execute great work as fast as you need..

Our mentor program is designed so you will get numerous options for help. We work with successful professionals with a stellar career path; folks like senior engineers, data scientists, and managers from Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple.

In summary, you will get a chance to meet some great people who have been there and done that, people who will help you prepare for a job interview.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us at

Instamentor Founder, Leon Wei