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  • How to think like a product manager and collaborate effectively with product leaders;
  • How to manage your work and show your impact;
  • How to work backwards from business problems to your data analytics and ML solutions;
  • How to effectively collaborate and communicate with business stakeholders
  • I am an analytics veteran with over twenty years of experience in driving business value from data.
  • Prior to launching my own practice Intellego Consulting, I built and lead many high-performing data analytics teams at marquee global technology companies. As a player-coach, I have hands-on knowledge of how things work while at the same time being adept at driving outcome and impact. I am passionate about helping motivated early-career technology workers achieve their potential.
  • Point B, Senior Managing Consultant, 2019 - present;
  • Tableau Software, Director of Marketing Analytics and Insights, 2017 - 2019;
  • Concur Technology, Direct of Program Management, 2016 - 2017;
  • Marchex, Director of Analytics, 2012 - 2016;
  • Amazon, Manager of Product Management, 2010 - 2012;
  • Microsoft, Senior Marketing Measurement Manager, 2008 - 2010;
  • aQuantive (acquired by MSFT), 2000 - 2007;
  • PreVision Marketing, 1997 - 2000;
  • Deloitte (Monitor), 1995 -1997
  • MBA IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland 2002
  • M.A. (ABD) Mathematics, Dartmouth College, 1995
  • B.S. Denison University, 1993
Fun fact
  • I am a watercolor artist and an urban sketcher.

Mock interview with Chen Zhao

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A/B testing is a statistical framework that helps validate an idea or a theory through data.

For example, a product manager wants to know if changing the color of a buy button from green to blue can encourage more purchases. As a data scientist, it is your job to work with the product manager and, quite often, the engineering team(can help implement the testing settings) to develop a testing plan.

You need to decide at least how many people will see the different colors of the button (sample size), and how many days will the testing run (usually multiples of a week, 7 days), and where should it be running (the US only, or some other small countries just in case testing group is a failure, you don’t want to have a very negative impact to the revenue).

The key assumption of A/B testing is that the control group and the testing group have to be independent. You will probably be asked several questions around this assumption.

You will also need to understand key concepts such as novelty effectlearning effectA/A testing, Simpson’s paradox, etc.

Sample question

The engineering team just invented a people-you-may-know widget. If it is implemented, a user will see their friends on the right-left corner of their homepage. How do you design an experiment to decide whether we should launch this feature or not?

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Behavioral questions or leadership interview questions are probably the most frequently asked questions during a job interview.

However, I've interviewed so many talented data scientist candidates at a FAANG company. Some of them are very smart, did really well answering technical and coding questions, but they still didn't get their dream job offers. Why?

Because they didn't prepare behavioral questions and didn't know how to answer them,  which in the end, cost them their dream jobs!

Trust me, even if you are only interviewing for a technical job, behavioral questions still matter significantly, and you need to be well prepared, don't ever overlook them.

Behavioral questions may sound intimidating, and some of the questions may catch you off guard or even annoy you if you are not seen them before

But if you follow the strategy outlined in this tutorial and keep practicing those 9 types of behavior questions, you will nail them in your job interview.

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One of the data scientists’ main responsibilities is to extract insights from data and work with product managers and engineering teams to deliver actionable plans to improve the product. Think about how you would measure the success of different parts of the product. Why do you think the placement of the text box is at that specific location? What can you do to improve it?

The interviewer will try to evaluate your ability to apply data to the real product problem, how you systematically approach and structure the problem, form a hypothesis with reasonable assumptions, design, and test hypotheses through A/B testing, and use data and facts to convince others to adopt your recommended approaches.

Sample questions

  • If revenue dropped in a given week, what metrics would you look at to understand and why?
  • How would you measure the health of our product search functionality?
  • How would you measure the success of Uber Eats' search bar? How can we improve it? If we move the search bar to a different position, what metrics can we use to evaluate their performance? How would you convince the product manger to move forward with your design of the experiment?

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Career services by Chen Zhao

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Career planning is the most important thing to do for your career.

Whether you are looking to switch to a different career track, e.g., data scientist => product manager.

Or simply want to gain more visibility inside of your company, moving up the career ladder, you need an experienced mentor who had been there and done that.

Get practical advice on job search, career growth, pros n cons of different career paths to make the best decision.

“Over the past 20 years, I have mentored dozens of early to mid-career professionals and built multiple teams. My own career spanned across multiple lanes - both business and technical, from data analytics to product management to agencies/consulting services, from an IC to being part of a senior leadership team. I would be happy to impart my learning and guide you through your quest for higher achievement.”

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Data challenges or sometimes called take-home challenges are often sent to a candidate in the initial screening.

You are usually given a few tables with, generally speaking, open questions to demo your skills in the following area:

1. Basic data processing in R/Python or sometimes even SQL

Are you able to transform data before feeding them into a machine learning model?

For example: converting categorical variables into numerical columns; Handle missing values, what to do if there are missing values in specific columns. 

Spot obvious data errors based on logic or intuition, never assume the data is correct, fix it before use it.

2. Code quality

No one wants to review your code if you are hired and checked in poor quality code; 

Don't use crazy lambda functions combined with map-reduce and map to make yourself look smart. Instead, use long variable names that are meaningful, easier to understand.

3. Business and product sense 

Are you able to understand the business context? Do your conclusion and insights make business sense?

4. Clear communication

What is your conclusion, can everyone understand what you try to convey, and what do you recommend for the next steps.

You will often be asked to give a talk during the final round of interviews and answer the hiring team's questions.

5. Machine learning modeling skills

Can you build a classification model and evaluate its performance, what feature engineering steps worked the best, what are the metrics you used, did you run cross-validation to get an unbiased estimate of those metrics, etc.

6. Data visualization

One image is worth a thousand words, especially when you are constantly in meetings with non-technical people. Can you create an informative chart or graph to represent the data? Are you good with ggplot or seaborn?

Our mentors have conducted hundreds of take-home data challenges. Feel free to hire one and get 100% data challenge ready.

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If you can't find exactly the service you are looking for: you can spend an hour with a mentor and asked their questions. 

How did you get where you are today?

Should I quit my job today?

Which area in machine learning should I be focused on? Image processing or natural language processing?

How to build a modern machine learning engineering team from scratch?

Anything you think our mentors can help you.

“Over the past 20+ years, I have built and lead multiple data analytics teams and mentored, coached dozens of professionals. The key to being a successful technical professional is not only technical competency, which is the foundation, but also understanding business challenges/requirements, and being adept at managing stakeholder expectations. I will listen to your challenges and needs and help you unblock your obstacles.”

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The first impression matters a lot during your job search, and your resume delivers the first impression!

An HR person on average spends 10–15 seconds to go through your resume before he/she makes a decision. You want to make sure your resume looks and feels great and elegant.

Have an experienced mentor to analyze your resume and provide you valuable feedback.

When your resume is improved, you will get more job interviews, and more opportunities to land a dream job.

How it works

1. After you book a resume feedback session through Calendly, send the mentor a copy of your most recent resume;

2. The mentor will review your resume and save some notes on areas to be improved, and make some edits if necessary;

3. During the zoom call, the mentor will share their notes and suggestions, and share some tips and techniques that can help your resume catch a recruiter or a hiring manager’s eye;

4. After the meeting, you will rewrite your resume and send it back to the mentor;

5. The mentor will email back the final feedback and make necessary edits.

“I must have read thousands of resumes for data analysts and data scientists positions as a hiring manager for over 20 years. About 10%-20% made me pause to want to know more about the candidates. And these will go on to a phone screen. What about these resumes that make me (and other recruiters and hiring managers) want to know more? I will be happy to share my advice with respect to your resume.”

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Congratulations, you nailed your interview and received a job offer. Now what?

According to a report by, close to 50% of job applicants did not negotiate before they took their job offers.

Not negotiating leaves a significant amount of potential income on the table, which could be as high as one-two months of your base salary, can you imagine that?

And the #1 reasons for why not negotiating an offer is:



1. Afraid of losing the job offer

Which in reality, unless you messed up the negotiation, your future employer was expecting you to negotiate.

2. It is outside of your comfort zone

Many of us work on engineering or data-related roles, and if you are an introvert, it's tough for you even to start the conversation.

3. Information assymetry

You don't know how many offers they made to other candidates, the expected range of salaries for this role, etc.


But fear no more, because you will get help from an experienced mentor with

✅ A clear salary negotiation strategy.

We know industry standards have a deep understanding of the hiring process. We will first analyze your situations at this moment and help you better understand your leverage, strength, and weaknesses.

✅ Salary negotiation chat preparation

Jump on a call in a simulated salary negotiation process, rehearse salary negotiation with a hiring manager (kind of like a mock interview).

✅ Customized email scripts you can borrow 

Salary negotiation is a skill that takes years to be good at, and we have mentors who have been on both sides, years of hiring and interviewing experiences.

We will send you customized email scripts so you can easily respond in different situations.

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