Job Interview Coaching

What will you get from this Monthly Mentoring Program?


✅ 1. Start your journey with a one-hour evaluation of your job interview skills from an Expert Mentor and receive a personalized plan to improve.

✅ 2. Work with your mentor to execute the personalized plan based on your current skills and your dream jobs/companies.

✅ 3. Weekly Zoom online 1:1 meeting, live Q&As to help you stay on track.

✅ 4. Unlimited text messaging for Q&As with your mentor on slack.

✅ 5. Tap into your mentor's professional network by adding them to your LinkedIn network, a great chance to improve your professional network and exposure to recruiters.

✅ 6. Easily switch to another mentor for your weekly 1:1 if you have specific requests. For example, if another mentor can better prepare you for a particular topic.


A typical timeline 

Phase 1 (~ 1 month)

We will be focusing on your technical skills.

First Zoom call: meet your mentor and introduce yourself, your background, dream companies/jobs, etc. Your mentor will evaluate your technical skills and create a customized plan to get you started if there is any skills gap.

Following weekly zoom calls: your mentor will set up mock interviews on specific areas to track your progress (e.g., SQL, Python, Product Sense, Machine Learning) and provide feedback, update the original plan.

Phase 2 (~ 1 month)

We will be focusing on soft skills such as Behavioral questions, resume, LinkedIn profile, company cultures, how to ask the right questions, etc.

Phase 3 (~ 1 month)

Congrats, you have landed several great jobs. Let's help you with your salary negotiation and choosing the right company/team.

Going forward (optional)

Weekly career advice, how to build a good relationship with your manager and your coworkers. Effective 1:1 with your boss, how to win the trust of your co-workers and gain more visibility inside of your org.

Still have questions about the job interview coaching program?

1. Chat with us online directly by clicking the blue 💬 chat button (bottom right of this page).

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  • Founder of, and
  • Most recently a senior manager at Apple, where I built and hired a world-class machine learning team of data scientists, software engineers, data engineers, and product managers.
  • Head of data science at Chegg, research scientist at Amazon, serial entrepreneur.

“ I have helped many people find their dream job at a FAANG company, setting up an interview preparation plan, improve resumes, practice with mock interviews, salary negotiation strategies.”

Leon Wei
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  • I am an analytics veteran with over twenty years of experience in driving business value from data.
  • Prior to launching my own practice Intellego Consulting, I built and lead many high-performing data analytics teams at marquee global technology companies. As a player-coach, I have hands-on knowledge of how things work while at the same time being adept at driving outcome and impact. I am passionate about helping motivated early-career technology workers achieve their potential.

“ How to think like a product manager and collaborate effectively with product leaders;How to manage your work and show your impact;How to work backwards from business problems to your data analytics and ML solutions;How to effectively collaborate and communicate with business stakeholders”

Chen Zhao
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  • Mike is an experienced data engineer, designing and maintaining systems consisting of hundreds of terabytes of data.

“ Looking for a new position? You likely already have the skills, but it can be tricky to remember what you know. Especially when you're under the pressure of an interview situation. Let me work with you on what you know and come up with a plan to get through the worst parts of an interview scenario.”

Mike Metzger
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  • Experienced leader in machine learning engineering, currently working on large scale machine learning projects at Google.

“ Machine Learning engineering at large scale. Natural Language Understanding models Software engineering”

Timothy Wee
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  • I'm a veteran software architect with 15 years of engineering experience in the area of computational advertising, big data analytics, and distributed ML training, currently working on a next-generation platform for distributed training pipelines at Facebook

“ How to build a large scale distributed system with AWS services.How to build scalable data pipeline and ML training pipeline.How to build up start-up engineering teams from scratch.How to prepare and pass the technical interviews with key focused areas.”

Chunzhao Zheng
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  • 16+ years of experience in product and strategy in multiple tech and consulting firms

“ Since 2012, I have mentored over 380 students and professionals via 1:1 meeting on target industry/firm selection, interview preparation, and offer negotiation.”

Jun Oh
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  • Bill is a professor, Chief Learning Officer, Chief Information officer, and author.

“ Job searches can be fun! I've helped many colleagues and students find their careers.”

Bill Sodeman, Ph.D.
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  • Alex is a Principal Product Manager at Sambanova Systems. Previously, Alex has held product management roles at building out their ML Platform and deep learning offering to enterprise customers. He was also an ML practitioner as the first data science hire at Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group working on building large-scale computer vision and sensor fusion algorithms for self-driving cars. Alex is motivated to help raise the next generation of data scientists and product leaders

“ Building self driving carsCreating ML Products and ToolsBreaking into a career in machine learning or data scienceMaking career transitions Resume + Job Reviews1:1 Coaching”

Alex Chao
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The easiest way to accomplish something is to hire someone who's done it

Selected Customers Testimonials

50% Salary Increase!

Thank you so much @Leon !

Your advice and coaching are extremely helpful for preparations for the interviews. The timeline and pacing you helped plan worked out very well.

It kept me on the right track. The exercise on coding and data analytics you recommended greatly sharpened my skills to solve the problems during the technical rounds.

The practice to communicate project work to peers is another highlight to help me earn higher score. Again thank you so much for all your advice!

instamentor | customer review
Joey Huang

Machine Learning Engineer

Dream Job Offer from Apple!

Hi @Leon and @Mike ,

Just wanted to share, I accepted an offer from Apple as a Data Engineer and wanted to offer a huge thank you to both of you guys.

Even though I only shared a small time with you both I benefited a lot from your platform and your mock interviews.

Some of the questions you gave during our Data Modeling with you Mike were presented verbatim.


Data Engineer at Apple

The mock interview helped me do it in the right way

I did a SQL Mock interview on Instamentor to gain a better understanding of how SQL interviews are conducted.

Leon (my mentor) came prepared with a realistic case study example tailored specifically towards the company I was interested in. Read more...

The questions and tips he provided were incredibly helpful in my preparation.

My actual interview went in a similar manner and having done the mock interview helped me do it in the right way.

instamentor | customer review

Data Engineer at Square

Extremely valuable!

Shoutout to Leon Wei from

Please do reach out to him if you're looking for career advice, general consulting, or resume feedback. I found his services extremely valuable.

And while you're at it, please do check out SQLPad if you're looking to refresh your SQL concepts.

instamentor | customer review
Jonathan D'Cruz

Data Science Manager at Swiggy

Recommending him!

Shout out to Leon Wei from, recommending him if you are searching for great advises and mentorship for your #datasciences career.

instamentor | customer review
Feng Xue

Senior Data Engineer at T-Mobile

Dream Data Scientist job offer!

I've tried several sites to practice SQL and is my favorite because the questions are well-designed to focus on the most important concepts. Some of the other sites are all over the place.

With, I can focus on questions by skill level or topic, and the number of questions available is a reasonable amount to study for interview prep.

In addition, I got mentoring sessions with Leon and I was impressed at how helpful it was. Leon was calm and knowledgeable, which helped my nerves over my up-coming interview.

He really takes mentoring seriously and it makes a big difference. After practicing my SQL, I got my data science dream job!


Data Scientist

Meticulously prepared and very professional

I signed up on Leon's service and was pleasantly surprised when he helped me out personally on the website. In two mock interviews with him from, he was meticulously prepared and very professional.

Throughout the interview he provided fantastic feedback and frameworks on how to be better prepared for both technical and behavioural aspects of an interview.

He is also a very positive and friendly person and I enjoyed all my interactions with him.

instamentor | customer review
Rahul Nayak

Marketing Analyst

Thank you!

Shoutout to Leon Wei from, recommending him if you are searching for great advices and mentorship for you #datascience career.

instamentor | customer review
Bara Ndiaye

Data Scientist

What made the session successful was the effortlessness in being honest around Leon.

I had my first mentoring call yesterday. The session was to be for 45 mins but lucky for me, Leon did not have a hard stop. We had a detailed discussion around my career history, career transition, stuff I’m good at and enjoy doing/good at but don’t enjoy/not good at and want to improve, not good at and not interested in get the drift). Read more

Leon listened patiently, highlighted areas I needed to work on, pointed out practical considerations, and made gentle suggestions on handling a couple of situations I had bombed (salary negotiation was one).

We covered a lot of ground and had concrete to-dos at the end of the call, but what made the session successful was the effortlessness in being honest around Leon. A mentor needs to identify what is holding the mentee back in their career, and their advice can only be as good as the inputs we give them. Leon made it easy to be authentic. I’ll keep you all posted on my journey!

A Mentee

Data Scientist

I landed the job I wanted at a FAANG company

Joining INSTAMENTOR.COM was very easy, and I quickly found a mentor who is a good match. My mentor was amazing and friendly. He knew all the details and important things that I needed in my job search. I landed the job I wanted at a FAANG company, and we’re still in touch.


Data Scientist, received a dream offer

Instamentor is understanding and accommodating

Although my first mentor was great, I decided to pursue a different career track mid-way. They quickly found me a different mentor after I contacted them, without extra charge.


Recent Graduate

This platform and my mentor have made the job search so much easier

This platform and my mentor have made the job search so much easier for me. All the support and insights from my mentor made me feel so much readier for my interview. This made me walk in completely relaxed and natural in the interview room which got me the job!


Data Engineer

Instamentor helped me connect with a mentor from my dream company

Instamentor helped me connect with a mentor from my dream company. I learned a lot about the culture of the company, the good and bad about working there. He also help me prepare my job interviews by providing mock interviews and resume feedbacks.


Software Engineer

Instamentor hooked me up with a mentor who changed my career

I’m a business analyst and always want to become a data scientist. I’m really glad Instamentor hook me up with a mentor who successfully changed my career path. With my mentor’s guidance, I’m on track learning coding languages that are crucial as a data scientist. The most important thing is that I have gained courage and confidence on my career development.


Data Analyst